Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kills Me

Images from: dependswhatdayitis, aje, google, fahke

I remember reading vogue back in late January this year sitting by my mum's pool (this is why I remember the date because it was actually warm, anyways...) and I saw the above Celine shirt was available from David Jones. I have wanted this shirt for so long it is unbelievable, nearly every time I am shopping I do a loop of the designer section, hoping (praying) that it would finally be in stock. I had all but given up hope until I was at dinner on Friday night and saw the shirt in real life (so it actually exists.) 

I must find this Celine shirt if it kills me.

In other news I also bought this beautiful Aje leather quilted skirt on the weekend during my shopping binge. I love it.

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