Saturday, October 13, 2012


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Last night was double Steve Aoki, it was easily one of the best nights of all time. First we started at the Enmore which is the very first picture of me. Then we went off to Marquee where it was more packed out than I have ever seen. Big shout out to my bro Tenzin for letting me invite myself along. Since it is still winter in Sydney I wore my BOY london cap, my vintage Moschino logo jumper (from NYC), my awesome (but you can't see it) TONIGHT ONLY band shirt giving to me by Sam & GT from Thursday. Also not shown in the picture is my beloved Isabel Marants and my own customised MINK PINK sup'ed up slashers <3. Tomorrow I am lucky enough to be going on the In The Mix and Durex boat cruise tomorrow night. I will take heaps of happy snaps for you guys. 

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